Inside Buff Wild Crew Digital Bar


Buff Wild Crew is a generative art NFT collection and community comprised of 10,000 unique individual pieces of art on the Radix DLT Network. Your Buff Wild NFT doubles as your Crew membership card, and will grant access to member-only benefits, the initial benefit is the access to the Buff Barn. Additionally, The Buff Wild NFT collection will serve as the initial stepping stones for the launch of the Buff Wild DAO.

All Buffs are Created Equal, it costs 100 XRD per $BUFF Token for the Genesis collection. Click HERE for Reservations. A randomized 200 $BUFFs are being withheld from the initial sale of the Season One Genesis Collection. These BUFFs will be used for marketing, interactive rewards, Wild Ticket prizes, and future utility. The maximum BUFFs allowed for purchase by a single wallet is 200.

100.0% Reserved

There will not be any Buffs set aside for Crew Council or Community Team members, aside from the one unique buff given to each member. Crew Council and Community Team members will have to purchase BUFFs just like everyone else.

All Buff Wild images will be randomly assigned to you upon purchase. There will be no cherry-picking Buffs of any kind.

The Crew Council will retain a 10% royalty for each Buff Wild NFT traded on the secondary markets.

Pink Sniper Buffalo smoking a cigar
Monochrome Blue see-through Buffalo
Red Striped Zebra Pattern Buffalo with Chieftan headdress and lazer eyes
Yellow Zebra Pattern Buffalo with a halo and a Heart Mom tattoo
Bring Pink Striped Buffalo with smoke coming out of nose
Green Buffalo wearing a black hat smoking a cigar with a heart mom tattoo
Blind Ginger BuffGinger Buffalo with two birds on his head and an angel wing skull tattoo
Static Noise Buffalo with demon horns, a cyborg eye, and sabertooth fang tusks
Superhero Red Zebra Pattern Striped Buffalo with Devil Horns and Devil Halo
Beer Guzzler Hat Funnel Wearing White Buffalo in a Rubber Ducky swimming tube

Buff Wild Crew DAO & $CREW Coin

Buff Wild Crew is more than just a .jpg NFT collection. Your Buff Wild NFT will serve as your membership into a strong, driven, and dedicated group of individuals striving to build something amazing for this world.

Upon release of Babylon the Buff Wild DAO will be created and governed by the Buff Wild Crew’s native currency, $CREW Coin. The Buff Wild DAO will serve as a talent incubator. Its mission will be to evaluate and help curate projects, artists, creators, and developers within the RadixDLT Network’s ecosystem. Once Smart Contracts are live, holders of $CREW Coin will be able to vote on proposals submitted to the broader Buff Wild Crew network. The Smart contract governing the rules and structure of the DAO will be implemented by the Crew Council at the launch of Babylon.

Crew Coin

Each $BUFF Token holder will be airdropped 10,000 $CREW coin closer to the release of Babylon. $BUFF token holders can use their $CREW Coins within the entire ecosystem of BWC, including the Buff Barn and future utility purposes. Further details regarding the DAO and $CREW coin will be released upon the completion of the Whitepaper.


$WILD Tickets

In addition to $CREW Coin, each $BUFF holder will be periodically airdropped $WILD Tickets, which will serve as an entry to raffles for certain prizes during the sale of the Genesis collection. $WILD Tickets will be redeemable at certain milestones of the Roadmap. The Crew Council wishes to take in community feedback for how the Buff Wild Crew project will progress. Therefore, the Roadmap is subject to change.


Roadmap Roadmap



Chillybook's Crew Council Member NFT

Chief HR Person. Loves cheese curls.


Tank's Crew Council Member NFT

Lead Dev. Hates NFTs.

Hammy the Hatmaker

Hammy's Crew Council Member NFT

Lead Designer. Always wearing a hat. Might be bald.

Mister Wizard

Mister Wizard's Crew Council Member NFT

Chief Marketer. Has a baby buff, but stays out of the kids pool.



Buffalo Soldier Faction Leader Community Member NFT

Woe yoy yoy, woe yoy yoy yoy

Princess Sparkles

Sparkles' Community Member NFT

Wine, Champagne, and Charcuterie Please?