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Buying Instructions

Buff Wild Crew, Season One, Genesis Collection

All BUFFs are created equal.

Therefore, each BUFF NFT will be 100 XRD each for the entirety of the sale from the Season One Genesis Collection.

All BUFFs tokens will be randomized upon purchase. There will be NO cherry-picking BUFFs.

In the collection there are 9910 BUFFs that have been randomly generated from 6 categories of over 230 traits. In addition to the randomly generated BUFFs, there are 90 one of ones integrated into the minting process, to create a grand total of 10,000 Buff Wild NFT images.

200 BUFF Wild NFTs (which will be randomly purchased) will be held for marketing purposes and Wild Ticket Prizes.

There will be no BUFF Wild NFTs withheld from the collection for the Crew Council or Community Team. Each Crew Council or Community Team Member may purchase up to the unique wallet limit of 200 BUFFs at their own expense from their own personal funds. Each Crew Council and Community Team member has been given a unique buff, as can be seen in the Team section of the Home page, however these BUFFs are not part of the collection, and will never be listed for sale.

In order to purchase a Buff Wild NFT, strictly follow the instructions below:

STEP ONE: Decide how many Buffs you would like to purchase. Each Buff Wild NFT is 100 XRD. There is a max wallet limit of 200 Buffs.

For example, if you wish to purchase 10 Buffs, it will cost 10 x 100 XRD = 1,000 XRD

STEP TWO (a): Send XRD from your personal wallet (NOT AN EXCHANGE wallet) in multiples of 100 (100, 200, 300… 15,000) in accordance with how many BUFFs you wish to purchase. ONLY SEND XRD to the Buff Wild Crew Wallet, any other token will ignored and lost; AND

(b): Include the word random in the message text (no capitals, no whitespace), and make sure the message is NOT encrypted. Finally, send the transaction to the Buff Wild Crew wallet address, which is:

STEP THREE: Please allow at least 5 minutes for us to find your BUFF(s) in the herd and send them to you from across the stormy plains of the Midwest. (Some of these storm hardened BUFFs can be a little stubborn!)

STEP FOUR: You will receive a transaction with your BUFF token(s), and a message with your randomly assigned unique BUFF number for your Buff Wild NFT(s). Do NOT transfer your BUFF token(s) to any other wallet, only the purchasing wallet will be recognized for ownership.

Any refunds due to invalid purchase transactions will be subject to a fee of 2 XRD to cover network costs.

If you run into any issues with the purchasing process please reach out to any of the Crew Council or Community team members on Telegram, Discord, or Twitter and we will assist you accordingly.

To see which Buff Wild NFT image(s) you were assigned, please go to the wallet lookup feature located on our collection page. You can either enter your wallet address to see your Buff Wild NFT collection, or alternatively you can use the unique BUFF minting number to search for your Buffs individually.

Only buffs that have been purchased will be visible!

Upon the release of Babylon and Smart Contracts on the Radix Network, you will be able to send your BUFF tokens to our minting smart contract to integrate your Buff Wild NFT onto the Radix DLT network.



The wallet is rdx1qsp0ez9yxa0l5qwf6fz93tda6842fft3cqr44ak3mgjtn9p4eme8wrccm4922 (The same as the minting wallet)


The minimum sales price is 50 xrd. To sell your buff send the appropriate token to our wallet along with the sell code and your asking price as the message, like this S439PGU-500 to sell for 500 XRD. All sales are subject to a 10% royalty


To buy a buff, simply send the amount of xrd the seller is requesting to our wallet along with the buy code as the message


If you would like to cancel your listing send 3 xrd to the wallet along with the cancel code as the message


your token will be sequestered if:

-You sent a buff token when you should’ve sent a buff1 token, or visa versa

-You try to sell someone elses buff

-You have a buff currently listed for sale and try to list it for sale again without cancelling first

-You try to sell for below the minimum sales price

-You try to send a sales price with too many decimal places, we accept 6 decimal places max

-You send an invalid sales price (we only accept numbers)

Rescuing a sequestered token

To rescue a sequestered token send 3 xrd to the wallet along with SOS as the message

Wild Ticket Turn-In Event Round Three Instructions

Howdy Buffs, these instructions are strictly for the Third Wild Ticket Turn-In, the “WT 75% Event” according to the Roadmap, please read and follow them carefully.

There will be a total of 40,000 Wild Tickets allowed to be redeemed for the prizes that have been allocated to the WT 75% Event. You may redeem as little or as many Wild Tickets as you wish during this Event up until 40,000 Wild tickets have been redeemed.

Wild Tickets that you possess may be redeemed at any time during any of the Wild Ticket Turn-In Events while they are active. You may choose to hold onto your Wild Tickets for future Turn-In Events held during the initial sale of the BWC Genesis Collection.

Here is how the process will work:

Please send the amount of Wild Tickets you wish to redeem to the BUFF Wallet rdx1qsp0ez9yxa0l5qwf6fz93tda6842fft3cqr44ak3mgjtn9p4eme8wrccm4922, same wallet used to purchase BUFFS.

Do NOT attempt to buy BUFFs and redeem Wild Tickets in the same transaction, as the script will not recognize the BUFF purchase.

The Wallet’s Script Engine will read the number of Wild Tickets you have submitted from your wallet in the transaction, and the Script Engine will randomly generate a message based on the prize, or prizes, you may or may not have won and send the prizes to your wallet you redeemed your Wild Tickets from.

You may begin redeeming your Wild Tickets for the WT 75% Event starting on Monday, October 31st, 2022, at 10:23 pm PT, and the Event will run until 40,000 Wild Tickets for this event have been redeemed.

1818 Remaining

Available Prizes Tracker

Buffs: 1/25

Faction Lieutenant Buffs: 1/20

Screenshots: 8/55

Space Buff: 0/1

Buff Riders: 1/4

100,000 Crew Coin: 18/300

50,000 Crew Coin: 16/500

25,000 Crew Coin: 26/500

10,000 Crew Coin: 46/1029

5,000 Crew Coin: 79/2000

2,500 Crew Coin: 359/8000

1,000 Crew Coin: 449/10000

500 Crew Coin: 784/17000

100 Crew Coin: 30/566